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Printers Insurance

With cover extensions for those who install signage

Printcover+ the specialist insurance product designed specifically for Print businesses who are also involved in signage.

A standard Printers policy is designed to cover printing at your business premises, it’s not designed to cover installation of signage and its associated liabilities, so if you are installing signs you will need extra cover.

With many printers diversifying into signage, a standard print policy won’t extend to cover installation, there is also the matter of using heat guns away from the premises, height limitations for installation and covering tools and plant away from the business premises too.

Printcover+ the Printers Insurance policy specifically created to include cover for Signage


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Who is Printcover+ Insurance designed for?

  • Digital Print Manufacturers
  • Screen Printers
  • Lithographic Printers
  • Bookbinders
  • Engravers
  • Newspaper Printers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Plastic Printers
  • Silk Screen Printers
  • General Printers
  • Textile Printers
  • Direct to Garment Printers (DTG)
  • Thermographic Printers
  • Print Finishers
  • Flexographic Printers
  • Stationery Printers

Diversifying into signage

  • Sign Manufacturers
  • Sign Installers
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Vehicle Wrappers

Signage Extensions

  • Cover for Installation of Signs away from your business premises
  • Use of heat guns and angle grinders away from your business premises
  • 15m height limit
  • Damage to property being worked upon

Printcover+ Why signage?

Insurance for Printers, but extended to include cover for those manufacturing and fitting signs.

Print insurance policies are designed to provide wide cover for printers, other than for collection and delivery most printers are premises based, why would it be anything different?

With more and more printers migrating to sign manufacture and installation, traditional print policies fall very short when it comes to cover, after all they were never designed to cater for anything different.

Printcover+ is designed for the printer that essentially dips in and out of signage, and because the cover is wrapped up in one policy there is no need to buy separate covers such as Public Liability just so you can install signs, with Printcover+ we just add it in.

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Printer or Sign Manufacturer, speak to us about how we can tailor your insurance cover to exactly what your business does. For traditional Printers worried about how your cover works when you erect signage and wish to avoid multiple policies we provide a single policy catering for both sides.

Printcover+ designed for Printers that manufacture and fit Signs.

Speak to one of our Print & Sign specialists we can assist with your Printcover+ insurance covering your business needs under one policy.

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